Our Team

We have had many incredible consultants throughout the years.
We would like to recognize them in their Salesforce journey.

Meet Our Team

CEO & Salesforce Architect

Ashley Allen

Chief Operating Officer

Chelsie Henderson

Salesforce Architect, UX/UI Specialist, & Graphic Designer

Coraliz Dereta

Sales Account Executive

Zach Hadley

CPQ Manager

Verick McCall

CPQ Manager & Graphic Design Specialist

Kit Rockatansky

CPQ Consultant

Rooke Vites

CPQ Manager & Developer

Alice Wooden

We are 50% BIPOC

We are 66.67% LGBTQ+

We are 66.67% TGNC*

*Trans & Gender Noncomforming

Hall of Fame

CTO & Technical Architect 2017

Miranda Ragland

VP of Delivery - Salesforce MVP 2019

Eric Dreshfield

Project Manager/ Technical Architect - Salesforce MVP 2020

Sarah Thornton

From Pet Retail to Salesforce Consultant

Rae Serrano

From Trans Tech Social to ITequality Executive Assistant - 2017

Hope Giselle

Enterprise Account Executive - Chicago Reader - 2020

Patti Flynn

VP of Non-Profit - Salesforce MVP - 2019, CEO of East First Consulting

Jessica Murphy

From Starbucks to ITequality's Executive Assistant 2020

Amelia Cast

From Carl's Jr. to ITequality Account Executive 2019

Stephan Cardenas

From File Clerk to ITequality CPQ Consultant - 2017

Dennis Serrano

From Starbucks to ITequality CPQ Consultant

Astrid Kepner

From PepUpTech to ITequality CPQ Consultant - 2019

Devohne Moore

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