Our Team

We have had many incredible consultants throughout the years.
We would like to recognize them in their Salesforce journey.

Meet Our Team

CEO & Salesforce Architect

Ashley Allen

Salesforce Architect, UX/UI Specialist, & Graphic Designer

Coraliz Dereta

CPQ Manager & Developer

Alice Wooden

CPQ Consultant

Oliver Friedheim

Project Manager

Tanya Armstrong

Personal Assistant

Amelia Cast

Salesforce Developer

Pauline Wambui

Finance Intern

Jesse Nguyen

We are 50% BIPOC

We are 66.67% LGBTQ+

We are 66.67% TGNC*

*Trans & Gender Noncomforming

Hall of Fame

Sales Account Executive
- 2022

Zach Hadley

From Starbucks to Chief Operating Officer - 2021

Chelsie Henderson

From Starbucks to CPQ Manager & Graphic Designer - 2021

Kit Rockatansky

From Starbucks to CPQ Manager - 2021

Verick McCall

From Starbucks to CPQ Consultant- 2021

Rooke Vites

CTO & Technical Architect 2017

Miranda Ragland

VP of Delivery - Salesforce MVP 2019

Eric Dreshfield

Project Manager/ Technical Architect - Salesforce MVP 2020

Sarah Thornton

From Pet Retail to Salesforce Consultant - 2021

Rae Serrano

From File Clerk to ITequality CPQ Consultant - 2017

Dennis Serrano

From PepUpTech to ITequality CPQ Consultant - 2019

Devohne Moore

Enterprise Account Executive - Chicago Reader - 2020

Patti Flynn

From Carl's Jr. to ITequality Account Executive 2019

Stephan Cardenas

From Starbucks to ITequality CPQ Consultant - 2021

Astrid Kepner

VP of Non-Profit - Salesforce MVP - 2019, CEO of East First Consulting

Jessica Murphy

From Trans Tech Social to ITequality Executive Assistant - 2017

Hope Giselle

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