Introducing ITequality’s Team Member, Verick McCall

There’s a serious lack of diversity in the technology industry. ITequality strives to take a stand at every opportunity to represent the voices of underrepresented groups in technology. As a company, ITequality is committed to diversity, and it’s own staff sets a high bar for what a diverse organization should look like. Collectively, ITequality is 50% people of color, 67% LGB, 67% TGNC. Unlike the tech industry in general, ITequality is less than 25% white male. 

Remember, please don’t label people based on assumptions, stereotypes, looks, style of clothing, hair color, the presence of tattoos and/or piercings, etc. We are all human, and have a right to be our own authentic selves at all times. 

And now, without further delay, let’s meet Verick McCall, CPQ Consultant with ITEquality.

What were you doing before you joined ITequality?

Before joining ITequality, I had worked in the pet supply and pet food retail industry for about 3 years.

How did you learn about ITequality?

Directly before joining ITequality, I was struggling with severe dissociation and daily flashbacks, and was fighting with my job to schedule time off to make it to therapy. Additionally, my husband and I were unable to make rent due to our roommate moving away unexpectedly. My coworker Rae had recently left for a job at ITequality and recommended we both apply.

What have you learned since joining ITequality?

More than I can easily fit in a blog post, but certainly that I’m worth taking a chance on, and not only am I worth being taken seriously in a professional environment, but when given a proper support structure I can do things I never thought possible.

What does being a member of the ITequality team mean to you?

Being a member of ITequality means so much to me because of the diversity of our team. I love how no matter who we are as individuals, we are a great team and our open-mindedness truly shines in our work. Our team is very understanding of our backgrounds, and Ashley understands all our unique circumstances, and enables us to work on our schedules. She is also supportive and encouraging of our own personal growth within the Salesforce ecosystem..

Verick is just one of the amazing and diverse members of the ITequality team. Pushing the statistics of diversity in technology, and moving the needle of inclusivity. Watch for more team member introductions coming soon.

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