About Us

Our company is comprised of incredible consultants who come from a diverse background of underrepresented people. 


Ashley Allen
CEO & Salesforce Architect

Sarah Deutsch Thornton
Salesforce Architect & Project Manager

Coraliz Dereta
Salesforce Architect, UX/UI Specialist, & Graphic Designer

Project Manager & Admin

Chelsie Henderson
COO & Project Manager

Amelia Cast
Executive Assistant


Rae Miller
CPQ Manager

Kit Rockatansky
CPQ Manager
& Graphic Design Specialist

Verick McCall
CPQ Manager

Alice Wooden
CPQ Manager & Developer

Astrid Kepner
CPQ Consultant

Devohne Moore
CPQ Intern

Elijah Vites
CPQ Intern

Sales & Marketing

Eric Dreshfield
VP, Delivery

Patti Flynn
Sales Manager

Stephan Cardenas
Sales Account Executive

Zach Hadley
Sales Account Executive

We are proud
to be able to provide valuable work experience for those looking to break into Salesforce. Here are some of our current & former Trailblazing interns:

  • Hope Giselle
  • Shane Clevenger
  • Pallavi Konidala
  • Rachana Chaudhari
  • Sheila Veronessa
  • Christian Estevez
  • Jim Martin
  • Nick Khan
  • Astrid Kepner
  • Andy Fillpot
  • Humma Arshad
  • Luke Parker
  • Thomas Karnga
  • Sangue Vita
  • Brad Levin
  • Pallavipe Konidala
  • Pearl Lee


WE ARE 66.67% LGB

WE ARE 66.67% TGNC*

*Trans & Gender Noncomforming

Our employee diversity is our greatest strength, and is derived from our mission to help those who have not previously been given the opportunity to achieve their career goals in tech, be able to thrive as Trailblazers with Salesforce!