LGBTQ+ Events

LGBTQ+ Event content: 2019

Team ITequality marched with Salesforce in the Orange County pride parade 2019! Amplifying and Bringing awareness to those in the community! 

Ashley was on a speaking panel for Nonbinary Visibility. As an openly nonbinary person, they shared experiences as a nonbinary business owner. For more information check out an incredible organization we donate to:

ITequality’s first official company trip took us to San Francisco to attend one of the most inspirational days of learning we have attended to date. We met Angelica Ross, and so many amazing people this day. Tony Prophet gave an incredible speech – not a dry eye in the room I promise you. We are eagerly awaiting the next TRANSform tech event! 

The wall display in the salesforce headquarter lobby reads “Salesforce welcomes all and is proud to stand with the trans community” displayed all day.

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