Introducing Zach Hadley

There’s a serious lack of diversity in the technology industry. ITequality strives to take a stand at every opportunity to represent the voices of underrepresented groups in technology. As a company, ITequality is committed to diversity, and it’s own staff sets a high bar for what a diverse organization should look like. Collectively, ITequality is 50% people of color, 67% LGB, 67% TGNC. Unlike the tech industry in general, ITequality is less than 25% white male. 

Remember, please don’t label people based on assumptions, stereotypes, looks, style of clothing, hair color, the presence of tattoos and/or piercings, etc. We are all human and have a right to be our own authentic selves at all times. 

And now, without further delay, let’s meet Zach Hadley, sales executive with ITequality.

What were you doing before you joined ITequality?

I was working in the Wireless industry since I was 18, always in sales. I started off mostly in the face to face customer interaction part of sales and eventually started working my way into the world of SMB Sales. I have experience in Marketing since I was about 16 years old where I led a team with over 400,000 subscribers/ followers. Now I am in a beautiful mix of both with ITequality and I couldn’t be more excited!

How did you learn about ITequality?

ITequality was brought to my attention by Chelsie Henderson. As they expanded and needed more hands-on-deck for their sales and marketing team. I was blown away by the values that this company holds and without hesitation wanted to join.

What have you learned since joining ITequality?

Since joining ITequality I have learned that there are so many opportunities for jobs in the tech world today. If anyone feels stuck with where they are at, I encourage them to expand their horizons into the tech industry.

What does being a member of the ITequality team mean to you?

Being a member of ITequality makes me feel like I am looking towards the future and the bigger picture. Our values and how we manage our employees is how I would love to see everyone be treated in the workplace. The more that we grow we have more of an opportunity to show people in the world what is possible and the type of respect they deserve. We don’t live to work, we work to live.

Zach is just one of the amazing and diverse members of the ITequality team. Pushing the statistics of diversity in technology, and moving the needle of inclusivity. Watch for more team member introductions coming soon.

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