Journey back in time with us all the way back to 2017 and take a peek at the speaking events, blogs, webinars, podcasts and a few awards we have gathered along the way!

July 2021
LinkedIn Live Panel with Salesforce

In honor of Pride Month this month Ashley was asked to speak about how we're giving a voice to underrepresented groups in Technology.

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July 2021
The Consultancy Dreamin Presentation
May 2021
Ashley is selected to join the Ecosystem Equality Partner Advisory Board

"Empowering underrepresented and marginalized people to rise above what generational trauma and lack of privilege have provided in my life's work" - Ashley Allen

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April 2021
Women-Owned Business Spotlight - AppExchange

ITequality is featured on the Salesforce AppExchange Women-Owned Businesses Spotlight.

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March 2021
The Spot For Pardot Women Business

ITequality is proud to be featured alongside these amazing women owned businesses. Click the button below to view even more incredible woman owned businesses.

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April 2021
Josh Hoskin's Trailblazer Directory Listing

ITequality is proud to be included on the Trailblazer Directory alongside other diverse owned suppliers.

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February 2021
Rise Global Influential Women #59
February 2021
Salesforce PKO Community Diversity Panel

Ashley speaks on building bridges and focusing on the common goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive partner ecosystem.

January 2021
State of AppExchange by Code Science

“I could be out in a safe place. That is why I chose to work with Salesforce as a partner while emphasizing diversity in the way ITequality does,” Allen explained. “I wanted people to be able to see a company like ours where they can say, ‘I can be accepted and have a good job in tech without having to erase my own identity.’” (pg 39)
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January 2021
Holiday AppExchange photos

Bringing some socially distanced cheer to the Exchange Winter 2021 edition.

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September 2020
Tony V Martin, Eric Dreshfield and Ashley Allen: How to succeed in your Consulting Partnership

Ashley and Eric Dreshfield speak on how to best succeed when working with a Salesforce Partner. The #1 takeaway is to be sure to treat everyone with mutual respect.

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September 2020
Salesforce CPQ Course #2 available on Youtube!
June 2020
Queer Conversations is launched
June 20th 2020
Happy Juneteenth from ITequality
June 2020
Uncrushed Blog on Surviving Self Injury

"Some of the ways I have built up my network include creating a mental health slack channel within my company, where we call each other to talk through tough times. I have created a workplace environment where it is ok to fall apart. In 2017, I started a community group called Trailblazers with Anxiety, for people to vent to each other and be less isolated."

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April 2020
The True Life Adventures of 8 Tenacious Trailblazers
January 2020
40 under 40 BEQ Magazine

"Ashley has a great deal of pride in the fact that more than 50% of the members of the ITequality team are transgender and more than 50% are people of color. ITequality has become an inspiration in their ecosystem for equality in technology, so much so, that Ashley also consults with other companies on how they can better include and retain LGBTQ employees."

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January 2020
8 Trailblazers reveal the apps they take on their Adventures

“ITequality runs its business on Salesforce, drafting consulting agreements using Formstack Documents, along with DocuSign e-Signature to get those agreements to customers and seamlessly into Salesforce.”

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November 2019
ITequality Team heads to Dreamforce

ITequality’s first Dreamforce company trip took us to San Francisco.

August 2019
Forcelandia Transgender Inclusion in Tech

Ashley presented on how IT can be more TGNC inclusive. View the slides here.

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June 2019
Orange County Pride Parade 2019

Team ITequality marched with Salesforce in the Orange County pride parade 2019! Amplifying and bringing awareness to those in the community! 

May 2019
Automation Hour Youtube
May 2019
Speaking at Texas Dreamin 2x

Double feature presentations! One session on CPQ and another on how to be inclusive of the Transgender community. 

March 2019
Women’s Day Blog

"As a trailblazing partner, I encourage women on my team to grow their careers. I pay extra attention to make sure the women on my team are not treated differently... Women on my team sometimes work at home because children have schedules that make 9 to 5 impossible and I understand and respect that. These women are amazing and do an incredible job — working at home or working with kids running around does not subtract from their abilities."

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January 2019
Amplify Blog on Trans people and Military

"In 2017 I founded my company with a mission to help promote awareness and visibility for LGBTQIA people. I never imagined I would be connected in any way with Vetforce."

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November 2018
The Original "How to CPQ" Youtube Series
September 2018
Dreamforce 2018: Decoding Developers
September 2018
Dreamforce 2018: Speaking on Trailblazing Partner Panel

“My background starts back in high school, I was an at risk kid. I had to work past PTSD, domestic violence and being a teenage mom. Those things that most people would not stand on a stage and talk about, gave me a certain perspective on what it's like to struggle with anxiety or mental health. I started my own company to help other people, especially children who are at risk to achieve their maximum potential.”

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September 2018
Sept '6 Business Leaders Get Real with Advice For Salesforce

Our CEO was quoted in this Salesforce Article - check out the other incredible leaders in this blog!

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October 2018
Trailblazing Partner
“Ashley Allen always had the mentality of, “If I was in charge, I would do it differently.” Now, they make that come true as CEO and founder of ITequality. They started the company in 2017 after working as a system admin at Verizon, and before that, working as a Salesforce consultant in order to provide for three children. Read on to learn about this green-haired, tattooed, smash-the-mold trailblazing partner, and the journey to running a business and blazing trails all along the way.” Read Article
May 2018
Automation Hour Youtube
May 2018
Ladies be Architect Features Our Nonbinary CEO

"As a business owner, I am passionate about diversity in all its forms. I promote LGBT visibility and inclusion, women in technology, and diversity inclusion efforts."

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March 2018
TrailheaDX 2018: Trailblazers with Anxiety

A heartfelt conversation about Ashley’s past as an at risk youth, the friends they had back then and the struggles they shared. Under the gratitude tree, our CEO shared how incredibly lucky they are to be alive, to have the success they have achieved and the support they are surrounded by.

March 2018
Lesbians Who Tech

The 5 Annual Lesbians Who Tech San Francisco Summit was incredible. Best of all we met one of our favorite trans rights heroes, Jessie Earl AKA Jessie Gender. 

March 2018
TransForm Tech 2018 Pannelist Speaker

Ashley joins an incredible line up and speaks about being a business owner as a gender diverse person. Our gratitude to Salesforce for hosting this unforgettable event.

November 2017
CPQ is your Friend

Ashley’s very first Dreamforce Speaking event where they explain, "CPQ is nothing to shy away from. Everyone can be a CPQ admin!" Check out the session remade on our Youtube channel here.

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May 2017
TrailheaDX 2017

Our Company Founders navigate TrailheaDX in the early days of ITequality.

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