Getting Started with Designing Salesforce CPQ Templates

Salesforce CPQ Templates are configurable and diverse, as they’re based in HTML. If you already understand HTML but are brand new to CPQ, we’re here to help! This blog is to explain the basics of creating CPQ Templates and how they tie in with HTML experience. We will cover the following:

  1. Making an ‘Out of the box’ Template as shown below: 
    1. Making your template
    2. Adjusting line columns
    3. Adding custom content & sections
  2. Making Conditional & Modifiable Quote Terms
    1. Editing modifiable quote Terms from a Quote

Salesforce CPQ offers an out of the box template for you to expand upon. The first adjustments Salesforce CPQ offers a template for you to expand upon. A good place to start is keying in the Company Address & Logo ID which are located on the Quote Template Object. 

You can locate the Logo ID by uploading an image to the Documents object and marking it as Externally available. From there you can copy the ID from the URL of your screen after saving. 

You can edit the columns displayed. The column Name, Width & what field is displayed is available to be modified in the “Line Columns” related list.

In order to Create & Edit sections you will need to navigate to the “Sections” related list on the Quote Template. 

When you make a new Section, you will need to reference “Content” if you do not yet have any content, click the + to be navigated to the content creation page.

New Template content includes the following options:

  1. HTML – Key in your own HTML
  2. Line Items – Ties back to the line item columns specified in the related list of your Quote Template
  3. Quote Terms – Ties back to another object called Quote terms Custom – Lets you start from scratch
  4. Template Bottom – Pre-configured template bottom as shown in this blog
  5. Template Top – Pre-configured template top as shown in this blog

Quote Terms can be added to provide extra flexibility to your templates. These can be conditional based on specific criteria of your choosing. 

To see your Quote Terms in action & make modifications to any quote term that is not “Locked” go to the “Modify Quote Terms” button on the Quote detail page & click into the template and term you would like to modify.

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