ITequality is offering a FREE
8-Week Salesforce Consulting Workshop!!!

Our mission is to provide diverse & underrepresented people, regardless of background or previous work experience, an opportunity to learn high-demand skills and ready those individuals for well-paying roles in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Interns will learn valuable skills in a classroom setting in order to be successful within the Salesforce ecosystem. The internship program will take place on alternating days within the week in order to ensure everyone gets a chance to attend sessions. Participants should commit to at least 3 sessions. Fully remote only. No in-person at this time.

*This is an unpaid internship.

  • Class 1: Friday, January 24, 3-4:30PM PST (Kickoff & Introduction)
  • Class 2: Friday, January 31, 3-4:30PM PST (Salesforce Sales Cloud & How it works)
  • Class 3: Friday, February 7, 3-4:30PM PST (Salesforce Consulting, a day in the life)
  • Class 4: Friday, February 14, 3-4:30PM PST (Salesforce CPQ, The Basics)
  • Class 5: Friday February 21, 3-4:30PM PST (Salesforce CPQ, Templates)
  • Class 6: Friday, February 28, 3-4:30PM (Salesforce CPQ, Order Management)
  • Class 7: Friday, March 6, 3-4:30PM (Salesforce CPQ, Contracts & Asset Renewals)
  • Class 8: Friday, March 13, 3-4:30PM (Graduation & Wrap Up)



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For more information about the internship program, or to discuss current job opportunities at ITequality, please email