URAC: 3 Years of CPQ Success, Empowered to succeed with Teamwork

About URAC 

URAC is a 30 year old nonprofit organization that provides accreditation for health industry providers. URAC has been using CPQ in order to provide quotes to the various health organizations seeking their accreditation, since the quoting process involves multiple locations and other interrelated certifications for different aspects of service. For 3 years and counting, ITequality managed services has helped pave the way for Salesforce success.

URAC’s Challenge

URAC’s Salesforce Administrators have had limited prior knowledge of Salesforce. Many of them were “Accidental Admin’s” if you will. The wide variety of custom products URAC offers frequently changes, requiring unique products to be added and removed somewhat regularly. There is no Salesforce Architect on staff with URAC to provide guidance on best practices.

The Salesforce CPQ Solution

Working alongside ITequality has provided the ability for these new admins to skill up quickly & learn from experts. With a two step approach ITequality has been able to empower in house admins to archive old products. For new products we are able to architect the product and configure it together. ITequality is able to leverage all our talented consultants to provide best practice advice across the platform.

These same admins now 3 years later are experts with navigating their internal salesforce org, maintaining the system overall & setting up new products. In house admins are well informed with how to set up and maintain the newly created or archived products. URAC can continue to employ new system admins, because they are able to rely on ITequality’s expertise for assistance any time they might need best practice advice.

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