The Importance of Neuroinclusivity

In this historic era of activism, we have seen a rise in shifting perspectives along with shifting business practices. I absolutely love witnessing our society acknowledging how important diversity is. More impactful, how important it is to give opportunities to people of all kinds. However, the kind of diversity hiring initiatives I often fail to see are those that center around hiring neurodiverse talent. Not only are poor hiring techniques and lack of inclusive policies for neurodiverse talent disproportionately unfair to said talent, it is actively hurting companies. And I will tell you why. In my humble opinion, the most significant contribution to company growth is innovation. To have innovation, you need new perspectives. To actively work against having the perspectives offered by neurodiverse people, companies are denying themselves the opportunity for innovation sparked by these perspectives. 

Beyond what companies can gain from hiring and learning how to retain neurodiverse talent, we as a society need to do better to give everyone the opportunity to sit at the figurative tables of the workforce. We need to learn to look past the capitalistic values of profit and productivity, and consider what kind of future we want to be building. As for me and all of us here at ITequality, we choose to make decisions now that help to create the future we want. A kind of future where we listen to, adapt for, and promote people of all kinds.

If you’d like to learn more about how to gain and retain neurodiverse talent, a fantastic starting point is to review the powerpoint below created in part by our friend and guest speaker, Rin Oliver and coauthored by Leena Haque’. You can follow them both here: @kiran_oliver & here: @L1LHulk

Additionally, please join us this Friday October 30th at 12:00pm PST on our Youtube channel,, where we will livestream our conversation centering around neurodiversity. 

Video version of neuroinclusivity Powerpoint by Rin Oliver & Leena Haque
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