ITequality Hires True North Dreamin’ Leader Sarah Deutsch Thornton

ITequality is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sarah Deutsch Thornton to the role of Salesforce Architect. 

Sarah will tell you first and foremost, “Salesforce changed my life!” Prior to her start in Salesforce she was driving a forklift. Her older sister, who had already been working in Salesforce for several years told Sarah, “You will love this.” And like most younger siblings, Sarah ignored the advice of her sister for a few years. Then one day, she decided to check out Salesforce and it was love at first login! 

Sarah didn’t just dip her toes into Salesforce. Oh no! She dove into the deep end head first and immediately joined a local user group…as a co-leader of the group, and she began organizing meetings. She was the silent one, hiding in the corner, asking easy questions, but this was Sarah’s first introduction to what we all know and love as the Salesforce Community. A place where everyone helps everyone else, so we all grow and succeed.

Sarah has worked a few different roles during her tenure in Salesforce so far: she’s been a consultant, an evangelist, a Salesforce Solutions lead, a community & culture builder, and more. Sarah holds 5 Salesforce certifications: 

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

Sarah is a 4-time Salesforce MVP, having been given that honor 2014 through 2017. Sarah knows how to have fun while working and enjoying life – check out her YouTube videos!

What’s even more of a “wow factor” is that Sarah met the love of her life at Dreamforce 2014. Sarah, her husband Scott and their children (ages 14, 11, 2 and 6 months) live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A far cry from the Florida life Sarah was living when she first fell in love with Salesforce.  

We are extremely excited to add Sarah to the ITequality family. She can be found on Twitter ( and on LinkedIn (

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