Introducing ITequality’s Team Member, Rae Miller

There’s a serious lack of diversity in the technology industry. ITequality strives to take a stand at every opportunity to represent the voices of underrepresented groups in technology. As a company, ITequality is committed to diversity, and it’s own staff sets a high bar for what a diverse organization should look like. Collectively, ITequality is 50% people of color, 67% LGB, 67% TGNC. Unlike the tech industry in general, ITequality is less than 25% white male. 

Remember, please don’t label people based on assumptions, stereotypes, looks, style of clothing, hair color, the presence of tattoos and/or piercings, etc. We are all human, and have a right to be our own authentic selves at all times. 

And now, without further delay, let’s meet Rae Miller, Salesforce Administrator and CPQ Consultant with ITEquality.

What was your childhood like?

Being Native American, I grew up on a reservation. Which meant it was always a struggle just to survive. We had to drive miles into town for food. We had poor educational resources, and very little income. We also lacked what most people would call basic services. My mother and I moved to the city in the projects, in order to be closer to job opportunities and at times we were almost homeless. To make money, I would buy things cheap, make some improvements to them in hopes that they would sell, even for a small profit. I would also sell some of my own belongings. So to say that my childhood was stressful and traumatic, would be an understatement. As I got older, I knew I wanted a better life, and sold a lot of my belongings to start affording being independent and beginning my own journey to life.

What were you doing before you joined ITequality?

I spent the previous 3 years working in the pet industry as a Sales Associate and Dog Groomer.

How did you learn about ITequality?

I was going through a rough patch. I was about to sell off everything I owned to afford rent for the month. I made a post on facebook announcing the sale and was offered an opportunity from Ashley. I was living with Gina at the time, who graciously took me in knowing I was living in the projects and needed a better environment till I could find work and steady income. ITequality gave me a job and helped me start on a path towards a better life.

What have you learned since joining ITequality?

In addition to learning a lot about Salesforce administration and Salesforce CPQ, I also learned a lot about mental health: It’s ok to make time for yourself; It ok that you do not know everything. I also learned that I should have more patience with myself, through my own learning processes as I gained an understanding of business terminology and processes, both of which were totally new to me when I joined ITequality.

What does being a member of the ITequality team mean to you?

For me, being part of ITequality, means making a difference in the world. It means giving others an opportunity, specifically those who aren’t given one, the ability to improve their lives. It’s all about helping to lift up others along the journey and with this motivation, I hope to bring appropriate resources for tech job opportunities to places like Native American reservations.

Rae is just one of the amazing and diverse members of the ITequality team. Pushing the statistics of diversity in technology, and moving the needle of inclusivity. Watch for more team member introductions coming soon.

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